Birthday Bagpipes – send someone a unique, personal greeting!

Birthday Bagpipes is the fun way to make someone’s birthday special. For just £25, payable in advance, you can send a personal video clip of Martin playing the Happy Birthday tune. He will wish the person of your choice a Happy Birthday and add a short message from you.

Your recording will be a one-off performance, done by Martin just for you. He’ll email you the video and send it via Facebook Messenger in good time for the birthday.

Martin can also provide pipe tunes for other special celebrations and achievements. He can pipe almost any tune, as long as it’s playable on the pipes!

Birthday Bagpipes comes direct from the Scottish Highlands with its beautiful hills, beaches and lochs.

To book Birthday Bagpipes for your friends or family

Go to  PayPal to pay £25.

Then, DM Martin on Facebook
or email to give him the special message you would like on your video clip. If possible please try to book three days before the special event.

For examples of Birthday Bagpipes greetings, go to the Birthday Bagpipes website  or Martin’s Facebook

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