Martin has song books with lyrics for hundreds of great songs that people love to sing.

He plays in any key, so you can sing at your most comfortable pitch. If you have a favourite song, he can include it.

Humorous songs

Provide details about somebody special, a birthday you are celebrating or the theme of your party, and Martin can compose an original funny song and perform it at your event.


Martin performs a selection of humorous songs at the piano, including Cole Porter (Birds Do It, Bees Do it) and Noel Coward (Mad Dogs and Englishmen).

Musical Quizzes

Test your knowledge of film and TV themes, disguised melodies, national anthems and the dates of pop hits. Martin will adapt quizzes to suit your guests (it’s even more fun if people divide into teams!)

Martin is entertainment manager for the Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle, where Madonna got married.

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